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  Ok, so this is a new Crime Mapping System that the Hernando County Sheriff's Department is using. There are a few tips to using this. If you fiddle around with it, you will find it to be a pretty cool tool.


  • Click on the Blue Marker to make a selection by crime type. This will automatically zoom you in to view crimes in the county.


  • At this point you can choose different crime types by clicking on the Crime Types tab tab near the top of the page.


  • Depending on the types of crimes you select , you can generate reports based on those crimes.


  • You can select up to 1 months back by choosing the days from the date tab .


  • You can also look for crimes near and around your home or business by clicking on the Buffered Address tab .


  • By generating a report , you can get a list on crime reports by type, location, and date.


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